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Mental Clarity
Increased Stamina
Hydration Perfected
Powerful Detox

Welcome to Stealth Lounge

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There’s one common element we all have in our health journey: Water!

Whether you’re an athlete looking to push your performance to the next level, a Mother who wants to nourish her family with the best possible water, or you’re struggling with a nagging health condition, come find out what better water will do for you.

At Stealth Lounge, we help you unlock your optimal health AND your best performance with the power of STEALTH DETOX WATER!
Stop by our showroom & one of our knowledgeable consultants will help you understand how our water fits within your health plan, and show you all your options when it comes to equipment.

We’ll even give you a free bottle of water – get yours and see how you feel!

Why Drink Stealth Water?

We Are the Future of World Water

STEALTH’s innovative water technology creates water the way nature intended it to be, while simultaneously hydrating and detoxing the body at the cellular level.


Powerful Detox

Protect your body from dangerous free radical attacks, flushes toxins and acids instantly.


Hydration Perfected

Proven to hydrate over 8X’s faster using deep clustered active hydrogen.


Increased Energy & Stamina

Receive constant oxygen at the cellular level


Sanitize Naturally

Eliminate harmful bacteria without harsh chemicals.


Mental Clarity

Clearer minds mean less brain fog with faster decisions and a brighter mood.


Protect Our Planet

Fight back to save our planet from plastic pollution – one refill at a time.

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